Top 5 Reasons You Should Come for Coffee

The new Cathedral Welcome Team has put together a small reception after the 9 am Mass. There will be coffee and light refreshments, so please come by and say hello!

And now for the top 5 reason you shouldn’t pass it up…

1. Community— The hope of the Welcome Team is not only to welcome new parishioners but to promote a feeling of community for all parishioners. A little coffee and fellowship go a long way.

2. Refreshments — Let’s be honest, it’s hard to pass up a baked good. And yet this is also where we need your help. If you like to cook/bake (or have a Costco membership,) we would love for you to bring some treats too!

3. Behavior Modification/ aka Bribery — Do you have small children like me? Nothing helps them to behave at 9 o’clock Mass like the promise of sweet rewards after church.

4. 9 am is early, and we could all use a little coffee. No further explanation needed.

5. Meet new people! Who is that family that’s always sat 3 rows ahead of you? Or how about the couple that just joined the parish? What better way to make new friends and meet new people than by stopping by the reception.


But all joking aside, we are looking forward to seeing you there! If you would like to volunteer with the Welcome Team please contact Gene at or Tom and Mary at