Guidelines on Attending Mass at Cathedral during the COVID 19 pandemic

Face Covering: Face coverings are required in the Cathedral at all times.


Attending Mass in the upper Cathedral:


We ask that everyone continue to maintain social distancing when in the Cathedral building. Please note:


  • The main door of the Cathedral is ENTRANCE ONLY. The side aisles doors are EXIT ONLY.
  • Please dispose of your Music Program in the trash can as you exit the side aisle doors. They will not be reused.
  • If you are sick – suffering any respiratory issue you are requested not to attend.


Reception of Holy Communion:



  • At the Sunday morning Masses, Holy Communion will be distributed in two locations at the front of the Cathedral. Communion by the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel is distributed in the hand only.
  • Please maintain social distancing norms of 6 feet.
  • Process up the main aisle and approach the priest or minister who will be standing by the column behind a kneeler. You may kneel or stand to receive.
  • Diocesan norms request that you receive in the hand during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Liturgical Ministers:


  • Thank you to all those who have been so generous in serving Our Lord and the parish in the various liturgical ministries as Ushers, Greeters, Lectors, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
  • However, given current health precautions and norms, no one over 65 may serve at any our parish liturgies until further notice.


Please note: The Sunday Morning Masses also are broadcast live in the Lower Cathedral for overflow. Communion is brought downstairs.