Guidelines on Attending Mass at Cathedral during the COVID 19 pandemic

Dispensation Lifted

Bishop Guglielmone eneded the general dispensation from the obligation to attend Holy Mass on Sundays effective Saturday 5 June. The Bishop’s letter may be found here:

An individual dispensation for those still at risk of grave illness and for the caretakers remains. Those who fall under the targeted dispensations due to high risk of grave illness may be found here:

Diocesan norms due to the pandemic continue to:
• Prohibit sharing the common Chalice
• Prohibit the Sign of Peace
• Encourage wearing masks but not required.
• Strongly recommended that everyone eligible to receive a vaccination do so as soon as possible
• The line for Holy Communion on the side of the Blessed Virgin Mary Altar is in the hand only.

*** Please note: Live Stream of Sunday Mass is now discontinued. The two Sunday morning Masses will continue to be broadcast live downstairs for overflow and for those who may want extra space to social distance.


Cathedral Liturgical Ministries

At the beginning of the pandemic,  Cathedral Liturgical Ministries was limited to those under 65 as part of the effort to protect those most vulnerable from the COVID-19 virus. That restriction is now lifted. If you are a registered and active member of the parish and would like to serve as a Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EM) or Usher please complete this form (even if you were an active Liturgical Minister pre- pandemic). There will be required training for everyone who signs up to be a Lector, EM or Usher. Please sign up using this form:


Conscientious Objections and Vaccines

Bishop Guglielmone has written a letter regarding conscience objections and religious exemptions for the COVID-19 Vaccine. The Bishop’s letter may be found here: