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RCIA Class of 2012-2013!
RCIA Class of 2012-2013

Each year, the Catholic Church welcomes in our newest members during the Easter Vigil Mass. These candidates and catechumens have spent many months prayfully preparing and studying the faith. Often people come into the Church after a friend or family member invites them to investigate it further. However, more often than you would think, some people come across the beauty of the Catholic Church without a close mentor to help them on their journey.

And this is where you can help!

By volunteering to become a sponsor, you help a soon-to-be Catholic enter the Church. You don’t have to have all the answers to all their questions or be able to eloquently discuss the faith. All you need is a desire to see others join the Church you love.

A few years ago, I volunteered to become a sponsor. Not sure what to expect, I was paired with a woman who will now be a life long friend in the faith. I didn’t have all answers, but we learned and grew together. Classes were engaging and fun to attend. And while I’ve always loved my faith, being surrounded by those so eager to have what I already possessed definitely enkindled a deeper gratitude and love for all the treasures we have as Catholics. It was such a rewarding experience being able to stand up there with her as she received the sacraments after months of preparation.

If you are interesting in helping out, please contact Dan Lord at or 843.724.8395 ext. 233



Interested in becoming Catholic?? RCIA classes begin September 17 at the Cathedral. Please contact Dan Lord for more information (contact info above.)