Cathedral Active Parishioner Status Policy FAQ

Cathedral Active Parishioner Status FAQ

The Cathedral Active Parishioner Status is meant to help form mature and intentional disciples of Our Lord not to be a burden.


What does it mean to be an “Active Parishioner”?

  1.  Has formally registered and participating in the life of the parish community for at least 3 months.
  2. Attends Mass at Cathedral at least 75% of all Sundays.
  3. Contributes financially to the parish according to ones means
  4. Places the offertory envelope each week in the collection basket, even if empty. (If you forgot your envelope there are extra envelopes in the pews and tables at the back of church)

Why does it matter to be an “Active Parishioner”?

 Being an active parishioner is important to be eligible to be married here, to request the Baptism, First Holy Communion or Confirmation for a child here, or to be authorized to serve as a sacramental sponsor or godparent for the baptism or confirmation of some else, either at Cathedral or in another parish. It is also required to be eligible for the reduced parishioner rate at CCS and BE High School. Active Cathedral parishioners are those who are registered, attend Mass at Cathedral on at least 75% of Sundays (and use envelopes as proof of Mass attendance), and support the Church according to their means.

Placing your envelope in the Sunday collection basket is an important aspect of parish stewardship. We are not called to make an equal gift but an equal sacrifice in proportion to the blessings given to us by God. The offertory basket carried in procession to the altar symbolizes our shared sacrifice offered to the Lord in thanksgiving. Placing your stewardship envelope in the collection basket, even if you have given electronically, symbolizes our shared responsibility to support the Church and our parish and a communal offering of thanks.

How does one’s membership become Inactive?

  1. If requested.
  2. If after 6 months there is no trackable giving or envelope usage

What if I am over 18 and still living at home with parents?

 All Catholics aged 18 or older should register under their own name with the parish they consider their spiritual home. Catholics over the age of 18 who consider Cathedral their spiritual home, but are under their parent’s care and are away at school, military etc. should register in the parish and indicate that for our records.

How does the Active Status policy reflect those who are homebound due to infirmity, illness or long-term recovery from surgery?

 You should always call the parish office if you or a loved becomes homebound due to infirmity or illness so that the Cathedral clergy may provide Pastoral Care. In communicating this to the parish office you would not be marked inactive.

What is a loved one dies or is ill and they are marked Inactive?

 Inactive parishioners may not qualify for a letter of good standing but may always receive the sacraments of Holy Communion, Confession, Anointing of the Sick and a Mass of Christian Burial (Funeral Mass). However, would not be allowed to receive the sacraments of Baptism or Marriage, serve as a Godparent for Baptism or Confirmation or receive the discounted parishioner tuition rate until three months of active parishioner status has been demonstrated.

Is this a new policy from Pope Francis?

These norms are almost universal in the United States and meant to help baptized Catholics be mature and intentional disciples actively living their Catholic Faith according to the 10 Commandments and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. (These norms actually indicate the minimum of what is expected from practicing Catholics.) If one truly loves the Lord and wants to be a good Catholic, the expectation to attend Holy Mass each Sunday is not a burden but is the source of our greatest strength and joy of the week.

The 5 precepts of the Church are:

  1. To attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days while resting from servile labor
  2. To receive the Sacrament of Confession at least once a year
  3. To receive the Holy Eucharist once a year, during the Easter Season
  4. To observe the days of fasting and abstinence
  5. To help provide for the needs of the Church according to one’s ability

What if I prefer to make my contribution electronically or in a single gift to the parish?

 That’s great. Simply place your empty offertory envelope in the Sunday collection basket and mark your envelope “I attended Mass and/or gave electronically”. If you forgot your envelope extras are in the pews and in the back of church. Simply put your name or envelope number on the extra envelope.

I thought we did not have to go to Mass because of COVID?

 The general dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass due to COVID ended on June 5, 2021. An individual dispensation for those who are still at risk of grave illness and for their caretakers remains in place.

These include but are not limited to caring for the sick, homebound, or infirm, those who are sick themselves or in high-risk category.

But what about vacation and long weekends?

 Yes, rest and relaxation are an important and healthy part of our lives. To receive parishioner status one must attend Mass at Cathedral 75% of Sundays.

Can I be registered in more than one parish?

That depends. If it is another local parish, no, you may not. Canon law states that you may register in an additional parish only if you maintain a residence in another out-of-town location.

My children are unruly and so I can’t come to Mass?

 Raising children to be good Catholics and how to behave appropriately at Sunday Mass is not something new. Generation after generation of Catholic parents have done so successfully over the centuries. Parents have a duty to educate their children in the Catholic Faith. It is a promise they make at their child’s Baptism. It’s important for parents to attend with their children; children aged 7+ are indeed obligated to attend Sunday Mass. Sunday morning Mass is broadcast live downstairs if your children are overly restless on a particular Sunday morning. Many parents find it helpful to go to Mass in shifts if children are fussy or ill on a particular Sunday. Attending Holy Mass and receiving our Eucharistic Lord is the most important hour of the week.

If you have extenuating circumstances that make it not possible or unduly burdensome to fulfill the norms of Cathedral Active Parishioner Status Policy, please call the parish office to speak with the pastor or his designee.