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“Therefore I tell you, all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

Our Cathedral parish community believes strongly in the power of prayer, and we faithfully continue the tradition handed down by the Apostles to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess 1:2)

If you would like to add a name to the prayer list below, please contact the parish secretary.

If you desire individual prayers to be said for you or for someone close to you, then you are invited to contact the Cathedral Prayer Apostolate. This dedicated team of parishioners will receive your prayer requests with discretion and care:

Email: parish secretary

Telephone: 843.364.1713 or 843.224.4933

Please continue to keep the following people in your prayers:

Pacifico Amaro

Paul Arena

Todd Armstrong

Linda Duross Becher

Margaret Mary Brant

Tony Bray

Jentz Brock-Untnah

Raymond J. Carney, Jr.

David Caron

Mabel Frances Caron

Mary Carson

Gay Carter

George Catumas

Dennis Collins

Theresa Corbin

Mary Jo Daugherty

Ella Deitch

Carol Delisio

The DeSandolo Family

Ronnie & Cyndi Donaldson

Sr.  Mary Ann Donovan

Karey Dornetto

Irene Douglass

Mac Dunbar

Fr. John Dux

Rob Everhart

David Farrow

Wilson Fennell

Amelia Finley

Veronica Fisher

Mary Ann Flack

Mildred Foster

Donna Fread

Sharon Frizzell

Shirley Gadsden

Joseph Ganglion

Janine Gaglio

Elizabeth Gallagher

Peggy Geraty

Richardeen Grant

Joann Gustafson

Becky Harris

John Hathaway

Zachary Healey

Hilde Hensley

Barbara Herman

Nora Lynn Hoffman

Ken Hoffmann

Cindy Hogan

Alice Holmquist

Bob Hosker

Danielle Hosker

Greg Hutto

Natalie Jackson

Peggy Kanapaux

Penelope (Pooh) Kanapaux

Margaret Karafa

Chris Keller

Susan Koester

Nancy Kowalsky

Shirley Lanford

Sanders Linker

Phoebe Luciano

Kevin Lyons

Kailii Lyons

Nancy Lynch

Karen Mack

Robert Mallard

Christine Marci

Tom Martin

Jean Masonis

Marcia Mathias

Dave McCaffery

Dave McGrath

James Anthony Mellon

Jeffrey Patrick Mellon

Lee Mullinax, Sr.

Hannah Murphy

Michael Murphy

Peter Murphy

Norma Nance

Bob Nebergall

Annie Neese

Carson Parker

Sonoma Peterson

Myrna Lane Piccione

Margarite C. Poulnot

Caroline Price

Frank Rose

Becca Rowland

John Saber

De’Anna Scannell

Bill Schachte

Janet Sherbine

Rudy Schindler

Linda Smith

Elyse Sokol

Margaret Mary Sprague

Charlene Stuart

Jane Thompson

Carolyn Torlay

Violet Trainor

Haley Tyrrell

Patricia Van Marter

Emily VanEeden

William Viger

Peter Winkler

Nicholas Yeaw

Bill Young